Atlantic Station - GA

Project Description

Live, Work, Play: Atlantic Station is a completely new community, with homes, retail, offices, and parks.
Atlantic Station is built on the site of Atlantic Steel, which was at one point the state’s largest employer. Often billed as the largest brownfield site in America, it is today home to a walkable mixed-use district of shopping, offices, and homes.
Because of its location, the site needed to be connected to the nearby highway via a new bridge. However, at the time redevelopment began, Atlanta was prohibited from building new highways because it was not meeting its requirements under the Clean Air Act. Working with the EPA, the developer, Jacoby Group, commissioned a study of the proposed development. This study found that by building mixed-use infill, Atlantic Station would draw in shoppers who otherwise would have gone to sprawling suburban malls, and that the project would ultimately lower vehicle miles travelled. Using these results, the needed bridge could be built.
A significant amount of the funding for remediation and infrastructure for the site was paid by a $170 million tax allocation district, the largest tax increment financing district in the state. As the first and largest to-date redevelopment project in the state, the lessons learned from Atlantic Station helped state regulators and legislators craft Georgia’s existing brownfield law.
Atlantic Station is a model for walkable, mixed-use development. Events range from movie nights to Cirque du Soleil. The apartments, condos, and single-family homes in the development enjoy great access to shopping, dining, and other businesses. Atlantic Station truly lives up to its motto of “Live, Work, Play.”

Project Details

Location :
Atlanta, GA
Developer :
Jacoby Group
Started :
Total area :
138 acres
Previous uses :
Steel manufacturing
Current uses :
Walkable retail space, office towers, cinemaplex, single-family housing, apartments, condos
Benefits :
Open space, affordable housing
Jobs created :
Costs to-date :
$10 million
Financing :
Tax benefits district
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