Brownfields 101

A Small Town with a Big Heart: Lovelock, Nevada’s Brownfields Redevelopment Journey

Lovelock’s brownfields journey is a case study in resilience – one in which the community has had to creatively adapt to challenges and setbacks as it establishes a vision for a vibrant future. After an arson fire in downtown Lovelock destroyed several buildings and the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to in-person community engagement meetings, Lovelock had to re-evaluate their redevelopment strategy. Read this fascinating case study to learn how the town overcame these challenges. 

EPA Region 2 Technical Assistance Resources - April 2021

This guide is designed to assist community organizations, local governments, universities, and other partners in navigating technical assistance and funding opportunities across Region 2. The guide covers categories of resources for environmental justice, rural communities, opportunity zones, community and economic development, and more. 

Remediating and Redeveloping Brownfields in New Jersey

This comprehensive guide to redevelopment in New Jersey is a great starting point for practitioners. The resource includes funding programs, laws and regulations, and a thorough explanation of the process of redevelopment. In short, everything you need is here!

Vision-to-Action: Engaging Communities for Better Redevelopment

The Vision-to-Action (V2A) community engagement model is a proven method of working with a community to reimagine underutilized and blighted areas. It engages municipal staff, residents, community groups, regulators, local businesses, and the property owner to work together, establish goals, and compare alternatives to optimize redevelopment outcomes. Learn what a V2A looks like through case studies and examples, and why community engagement is critical for redevelopment projects.

Case Study: A Model of Community Collaboration - Philmont, NY

A small village located in Columbia County, New York, Philmont has always been a close-knit community. It was the creation of a memorial garden for Preston Stern back in 2000 that first brought a group of Philmont residents together. Five women - each from different backgrounds, from managing a business to serving as an ER nurse - came together with a shared passion for community revitalization. They quickly found that they enjoyed working together on the public space project that overlooked Summit Lake. This group founded Philmont Beautification Inc (PBI).

Resources to Revitalize the Virgin Islands_Guide to the Agencies June 2020

CCLR is pleased to announce the publication of the Guide to the Agencies, an exhaustive list of federal, Commonwealth, and non-profit agencies and funds available to assist in the Virgin Island's recovery, sustainability, well-being, quality of life, and of course the revitalization of brownfields. The guide contains short descriptions of the agencies and their programs making it an invaluable resource for program administrators everywhere.

Resources for Puerto Rico Revitalization, June 2020 - Recursos Para La Revitalizacion, Junio 2020

CCLR se complace en anunciar la publicación de la Guía de las Agencias, un listado exhaustivo de agencias y fondos federales, estatales y organizaciones sin fines de lucro disponibles para ayudar en la recuperación, la sostenibilidad, el bienestar, la calidad de vida de Puerto Rico y, por supuesto, la revitalización de los brownfields. La guía bilingüe (producida en español e inglés) destaca descripciones breves de las agencias y sus programas, lo que lo convierte el documento en un recurso invaluable para los administradores de programas en todos los rincones de Puerto Rico.


Anatomy of Brownfields Redevelopment

Guide explains the real estate process for cleaning up and redeveloping one or more brownfields sites, including: 

  • Opportunities and Risks Specific to Brownfields Redevelopment
  • Typical Brownfields Redevelopment Scenarios
  • Three Stages of the Brownfields Redevelopment Process
  • Paying for Brownfields Redevelopment
  • Critical Players in Brownfields Real Estate Development
  • Two Brownfields Redevelopment Case Studies

Reuse Possibilities for Brownfield Sites

Nearby residents and other local community members benefit when a brownfield site is transformed from an eyesore and safety concern into a new job center, recreational facility, housing or other community amenity. Safely reusing a brownfield site is possible when a redevelopment plan helps guide site assessment and cleanup decisions. Often, the process of assessing and cleaning up a single brownfield site sparks community interest to identify other sites for redevelopment!

Environmental Contaminants Often Found at Brownfield Sites

Brownfield properties are often overlooked for reuse or redevelopment due to fear of environmental contamination. Understanding the types of contaminants present (or potentially present) and how people may be exposed to those contaminants will help a community plan cleanup and site reuse options that limit exposure risk.