Brownfields Tools

State Brownfields and Voluntary Response Programs Report

The State Brownfields and Voluntary Response Programs Report explores the evolving landscape of state environmental, financial and technical programs designed to promote brownfields cleanup and reuse. This report provides a concise, user-friendly synopsis of the programs and tools that are available through state programs. The information contained in this report was gathered from state response program contacts and state response program websites.

Local Government Solar Project Portal

EPA invites local governments across the country to meet their environmental, energy, economic and domestic job creation goals through greater utilization of solar energy from on and off site solar projects that serve municipal operations.


Local governments will find project development resources and opportunities to learn from industry experts and their peers. Read more here>>

ATSDR's Step by Step Guides to Land Reuse

ATSDR’s Land Reuse and Redevelopment Toolkits are resources for people to engage in land reuse and redevelopment projects that can reduce environmental exposures and improve community health. The toolkits follows ATSDR's comprehensive 5-step land reuse strategy. Follow the link to find five PDFs each geared towards a different key player in the redevelopment process.

New Brownfield and Health Tool Helps Give Blighted Sites a Healthy Second Chance

Revitalizing brownfield sites offers an opportunity for communities to spur economic growth, resolve neighborhood blight, increase community connectivity, restore ecological balance and promote public health.