Community Services Center - CA

Project Description

The Problem
A community-based organization in rural Shasta County was leasing a former gas station to house their after-school programs, community library, and nonprofit cafe. The nonprofit was contacted by the owner of the property, who was very interested in selling the property quickly. Since the organization had occupied the site for over a decade and was reluctant to relocate, they expressed interest in purchasing the property but were concerned about the site's previous use and potential liability.
CCLR Assistance
CCLR provided technical assistance to help the organization determine the extent of the contamination, and hence, the risk involved in purchasing the property.
The property was not purchased due to an identified plume of MTBE, which presented too much risk for the organization. The property was sold and the new owner agreed to allow the nonprofit to continue to lease their portion of the site.
Lessons Learned
The importance of conducting environmental due diligence prior to purchase cannot be underestimated.

Project Details

Location :
Montgomery Creek, CA