Court Street Apartments - CA

Project Description

The Problem
An affordable housing developer was interested in developing a vacant parcel in the Temple-Beaudry neighborhood of Los Angeles. The site was located in an area where naturally occurring oil fields are closer to the surface, creating higher levels of methane gas in the soil. The site was located just down the street from the Belmont Learning Center, and the community had lingering health and safety concerns about any development.
CCLR Assistance
CCLR provided funds and technical assistance for a Phase II Site Assessment, risk management, and cleanup of the site, and made certain that the nonprofit hired a qualified and experienced environmental consultant.
The project overcame all major obstacles and opened in Fall 2006. The project brings much needed housing to very low-income families, and provides free support services to residents including after-school tutoring, case management, crisis intervention, and computer training.
Lessons Learned
Hiring a qualified environmental consultant and conducting thoughtful risk communication is key to a successful project.

Project Details

Location :
East Los Angeles, CA