Damson Oil - CA

Project Description

The Problem
The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks faced a dilemma when planning improvements for one of the State's most popular urban recreation areas. An oil well on the beach had been abandoned, leaving petrochemical contamination behind. Initially, it was thought the costs would be far more than the City had available to clean up the contaminants.
CCLR Assistance
CCLR and its partners reassessed the site and developed an action plan to remediate and redevelop the site with existing funds.
The site will be redeveloped for recreational uses at less cost than the City feared it would cost for cleanup alone.
Lessons Learned
While brownfield projects can be approached in much the same way as other redevelopment projects, the development team must possess an additional skill set. The strategic application of financial and technical resources can make the critical difference for under-resourced community developers.

Project Details

Location :
Venice Beach, CA