See clear examples of how CCLR is helping communities recycle land and reimagine the possibilities.



We are working on over 70 environmental cleanup and revitalization projects across the United States. Our mission is simple: drive development to land that’s already been used. By focusing development on vacant or underutilized land we preserve open space and reduce environmental impact. But we’re most proud of our impact on communities, and here are a few of the results:

  • 5,000 workshop attendees
  • $73M in funding for site assessment and cleanup
  • 12,600 new residential units
  • 818,000 sq ft of commercial space
  • 60,000 sq ft of retail space
  • 1,500 acres of open space

Visit our Project Gallery page to learn more about the impact of individual projects. We think you’ll be surprised by how much a community can be changed by a few dedicated people.



Our reviewers on Great Non-Profits have a lot to say about our impact:
“CCLR is a fabulous resources for those working on revitalizing their communities. They have a wealth of experience and know all the right people to put you in touch with to make your project happen.” 
“CCLR has proven to be an extremely invaluable ally to our team assisting us in aligning urban infill project interests with critical grant funding.” 
“CCLR's ability to connect with community members, public agencies and the private sector is invaluable.” 
“They provide you with all the tools you need to revitalize brownfields - unusable land in your communities.” 
“Their efforts have contributed to many contaminated sites throughout the Bay Area being transformed into housing and economic opportunities for low income households.”