Pacifica Sharp Sewage - CA

Project Description

The Problem
An older, inner-ring bedroom suburb of San Francisco had an aging wastewater treatment plant located on a key site in a residential neighborhood. When the plant was closed, the City had the opportunity to redevelop the site in a way that would reinvigorate the neighborhood, while contributing to the City's tax base.
CCLR Assistance
With CCLR's assistance, the City engaged divergent community interests in a constructive dialogue about reuse options for the site through a series of planning workshops, or charettes.
A hotel developer is now working with the community to redevelop the site.
Lessons Learned
A planning charette can be a powerful tool to test ideas and build consensus, but disinterested intermediaries and strong local leadership are necessary ingredients to ensure success. Even in the absence of financial hardship, the presence of a neutral convenor is often critical to overcoming differences and moving forward.

Project Details

Location :
Pacifica, CA