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Redesarrollo de Brownfields: Estrategia para la Revitalización Económica y la Justicia Ambiental

Realizado 9 de diciembre de 2020

La Liga de Ciudades de Puerto Rico y el Centro para el Reciclaje Creativo de Tierras (CCLR, por sus siglas en inglés) presentó este seminario web interactivo diseñado para líderes y profesionales del sector público y sin fines de lucro interesados en el desarrollo económico y la justicia ambiental a través de la reutilización de la tierra. En esta sesión de 90 minutos, escucharon sobre el proceso de redesarrollo y los recursos financieros y técnicos disponibles vinculados al desarrollo económico para impulsar la reutilización de propiedades para beneficio de la comunidad. Recursos incluyeron expertos de La Liga de Ciudades de Puerto Rico, CCLR, la Agencia de Protección Ambiental Federal, Invest Puerto Rico y el Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales de Puerto Rico.


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Presented December 9, 2020

Brownfields Redevelopment: Strategies for Economic Revitalization and Environmental Justice

Brownfield MAC Grants - Preparing a Competitive Application

CCLR and other Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) providers presented a webinar on Brownfield MAC Grants and preparing a competitive application for FY2021 grants. Brownfield experts went over the do’s and don’ts of a grant application and provided an overview of the changes in the guidelines since last year. We went through each section of the guidelines providing tips on how to approach difficult criterion and those criterion where communities typically struggle, provided examples of good language to address various criterion and how to use your past debrief comments to make a stronger application this year. The webinar also highlighted TAB resources and e-tools available to assist you with developing your best application. 


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From Inventory to Marketing: Gaining Visibility for Your Underutilized Sites

This short presentation has something for everyone with known or suspected brownfields ready for redevelopment. We will take you through conducting an inventory and prioritizing sites and share ways you can market your properties online and through hardcopy factsheets. The starting point of a good marketing sheet is an asset inventory; which of your site’s features will pique the interest of an investor or developer. We will share online links, sample inventories, and actual marketing sheets.



Jean Hamerman | CCLR 
Steve Black | Racer Trust 
Bill Callen | Behan Communications 
Patrick Terborg | TD+Partners 


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PFAS 2020 Update: Slippery Slope or Manageable Risk for Property Transactions and Redevelopment?



This webinar will introduce the brownfields community to PFAS and the potential implications of PFAS on property transactions and redevelopment projects. Speakers provide a sneak-peak at the forthcoming California Water Board Environmental Screening Levels (ESLs) for PFAS compounds, discuss findings from the Water Board’s required California-wide PFAS sampling at landfills, airports, and supply wells, and provide updates from the perspective of underwriting and claims in the insurance industry. lSpeakers also provide the background and tools to allow the redevelopment community to evaluate and address PFAS risks on projects throughout the US.



Corey Carpenter | Environmental Engineer | EKI Environment & Water, Inc.
Nicole Fry | Research Scientist III, California Regional Water Quality Control Board | San Francisco Bay Region
Trisha Blau | Environmental Services Group Managing Director | Aon Risk Solutions


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Women Innovators in Redevelopment



This Brown Bag Brunch webinar brings together women innovators in development who are running businesses that are expanding the frontiers of brownfield redevelopment. Both have tackled challenging redevelopment projects in urban and rural settings and advocated for updates to brownfield policy and funding to move the field forward in important and durable ways. They will relay personal stories about challenges and successes and share insights into leadership styles and best practices that promote better development. 


Shannon Morgan’s Renovare, (Latin for “to renew, restore or revive”) focuses on mixed-income and mixed-use redevelopment projects in Opportunity Zones, primarily in Michigan. Mary Hashem’s RE | Solutions, LLC has a 30 year track record of taking on challenging redevelopment projects across the country. 



Mary Hashem | Co-founder and Principal | RE | Solutions, LLC
Shannon Morgan | Managing Partner | Renovare Development


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Preparing for the Cascade of Federal Funding: Catch the Wave



This session spotlights federal grants, loans and technical assistance to support brownfield activities throughout all stages of the redevelopment process. We will hear how EPA is working to expand the brownfields redevelopment sandbox by coordinating with other federal agencies. We will also learn what’s new with Opportunity Zones and how to layer funding with other federal agencies and programs including EDA, HUD, USDA, USDOT, Community Development Block Grants, and Clean Water Funds.


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Toby Rittner, CDFA | David Lloyd, USEPA | Matt Ward, Sustainable Strategies



"Preparing for the Cascade of Federal Funding" Complete Slide Deck

EPA Brownfields Redevelopment Resources and Guides

A Tale of Two Cities: Identifying Inequities and Spurring Revival in America's Legacy Cities



What’s happening to America’s legacy cities? Are they doomed to haunt us as the ghosts of a bygone industrial era or can we breathe new life into them? As Alan Mallach expertly relays in his book "The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America," it’s not as simple as that.  


Join us April 21st when we chat with Alan Mallach as part of our continuing Brown Bag Brunch webinar series. We’ll discuss the decline of America’s industrial cities, consider the impetus and implications of their seemingly unequal resurgence, and outline how municipalities and land reuse practitioners can plan for equitable urban revitalization. We’ll also consider how the present health crisis and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic may influence urban planning, revitalization priorities, and redevelopment policy moving forward.


This structured 30 minute conversation will be followed by 30 minutes of Q&A directly with the author. Don’t miss this critically important and engaging conversation. 



Alan Mallach | Author of The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America


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Resilience in the Age of COVID-19: a Generalists Guide



Communities around the world are providing relief services in response to COVID-19. As communities recover, the experiences and lessons from COVID-19 will be among other possible resilience planning measures for pandemics, disaster recovery, climate change, public safety, terrorism, and other events. Are there similar resilience elements to prepare for these disasters? How can one evaluate the resilience of a community - pre- and post-COVID-19? What can one do now to promote resilience through anticipated grant opportunities for brownfields, economic development and other sources?



Ignacio Dayrit | Progams Director | Center for Creative Land Recycling


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Superfund Redevelopment is Easier Than You Think



Location, location, location!  There are 40,000 Superfund sites across the nation that represent fantastic redevelopment opportunities.  Learn why federal Superfund site redevelopment is easier than you think, including the great liability protections and available tools. Plus, most savvy redevelopers of contaminated property from brownfields to federal Superfund sites strive to attain and maintain bona fide prospective purchaser liability protection status as a key strategy for managing risk. Join Kat West, Senior Associate at Skeo in Portland, OR and former EPA Superfund & Redevelopment attorney, for this lively discussion about Superfund and federal liability protections. We'll be drawing on Kat's experience in the public and private sectors, and on two different coasts.  



Kat West | Senior Associate - Skeo Solutions


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Opportunity Zones Beyond the Numbers: Can This be a Win-Win?



Watch a recording of the webinar here.


Will Opportunity Zones (OZs) deliver on their promise to bring investment and benefits to underserved neighborhoods, and what does this mean for brownfield redevelopment?  Hear two perspectives on implementing Opportunity Zones from CCLR's sage advisers  — Elly Walkowiak, Assistant Director for Community and Economic Development at the City of Tacoma, Washington, and Curt Toll, attorney at Greenberg Traurig. Elly and Curt will provide public and private sector perspectives on the risks and benefits associated with Opportunity Zones. Join us where the rubber hits the road for this insightful discussion.



Curtis Toll | Managing Stakeholder of the Philadelphia office of Greenberg Traurig

Brad Carney | Partner at Maraziti Falcon LLP 

Elly Walkowiak | Assistant Director of Community and Economic Development at the City of Tacoma, WA


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