Nevada Brownfields Workshops: Connecting the Dots – Reuse, Renew, Revitalize Land
CCLR Workshop

Nevada Brownfields Workshops: Connecting the Dots – Reuse, Renew, Revitalize Land

Thursday, Sep 7, 2023 & Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023 | 8 AM - 3 PM
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The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), along with the Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will host two Nevada Brownfield Workshops this September. The first workshop will take place on Thursday, September 7th, in Southern Nevada at the Silver Knights Lifeguard Arena in Henderson, NV. The second workshop will be held on Wednesday, September 13th, in Northern Nevada at the Brewery Art Center Ballroom in Carson City, NV. Similar content will be presented at both workshops. Pick the date and location most convenient to you and register by selecting the “Register Now” button above!

  1. Thursday, September 7th | 8 AM – 3 PM: Southern Nevada – America First Center in Henderson, NV
  2. Wednesday, September 13th | 8 AM – 3 PM: Northern Nevada – Brewery Arts Center Ballroom in Carson City, NV

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Select the date and location most convenient to you!

Early Bird (ends August 25):
  • Business/Corporate Registration: $50
  • Government/Non Profit Registration: $15
Late Registration:
  • Business/Corporate Registration: $65
  • Government/Non Profit Registration: $30

The purpose of these workshops is to bring agencies together with a brownfields program or those thinking of developing one to learn about revitalizing and reusing vacant properties. The workshops will connect the dots and provide information on resources, funding, challenges, and strategies for redevelopment, leveraging both EPA and other federal and state resources.


BROWNFIELDS 101: Nuts and Bolts of Brownfields
SPEAKERS: Lisa Hanusiak, EPA Region 9; Jasmine Williams, EPA Region 9; Ignacio Dayrit, Center for Creative Land Recycling; Ruben Ramos-Avina, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection; Fred Steinmann, Univ. of Nevada, Reno

Join experts from the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), University of Nevada Reno (UNR), and the Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) as they shed light on essential resources and funding programs aimed at revitalizing communities through the reclamation of brownfield sites. Brownfields are real properties where real or perceived environmental conditions may complicate expansion, reuse, or redevelopment. The goal is to rejuvenate abandoned, vacant, or underused properties and utilize them to their greatest potential. It is an incentive-driven program with financial enticement for redevelopment and liability relief. During this interactive session, attendees will gain valuable insights into the various grant programs and technical assistance these organizations offer to support communities in Nevada and beyond. The speakers will highlight effective strategies to pivot brownfield properties towards adaptive reuse and revitalization, turning them into assets, benefiting communities and their residents.

FROM CLEAN UP TO REUSE: Funding, Challenges, and Strategies for Sustainable Redevelopment
SPEAKERS: Ignacio Dayrit, Center for Creative Land Recycling; John Edmond, EDA; Fred Steinmann, Univ. of Nevada Reno; CDBG Rep., Dept of Energy Rep.

This session will feature engaging presentations from experienced speakers, including industry experts, community leaders, and representatives from funding agencies who will share their expertise, insights, and real-life case studies. We will explore the common challenges and obstacles faced during the transition from cleanup to reuse, including regulatory compliance, community engagement, and environmental considerations. Learn about successful redevelopment strategies and best practices implemented in various case studies. Speakers will share valuable experiences, showcasing innovative approaches that successfully transformed contaminated sites into thriving assets. Whether you are from a municipality, nonprofit, developer, environmental professional, or community advocate, “FROM CLEAN UP TO REUSE” will provide the knowledge and tools needed to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and develop sustainable strategies to revitalize contaminated sites into assets that contribute to a prosperous and resilient future.

COMMUNITIES OF ENGAGEMENT & BEST PRACTICES: Nevada Brownfield Program Champions, Revitalizing Vacant Spaces with Brownfields Programs and Resources
SPEAKERS: Southern Nevada: Sean Robertson, City of Henderson; Tracy Reich, City of Las Vegas; Arnold Knightly, Nye County; Beth Dunning, Nevada Rural Housing Authority, Tammi Odegard, NyE Communities Coalition
Northern Nevada: John Warpeha, Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada; Beth Dunning, Nevada Rural Housing Authority; Amy Barnes, Northern Nevada Development Authority; Tammi Odegard, NyE Communities Coalition; Bryan McArdle, City of Reno; Heidi Lusby-Angvick, Pershing County, Michelle Hammond, Humboldt County

This session brings together a diverse panel of experts from various sectors who have successfully utilized EPA brownfields funding to support the revitalization of vacant or underutilized sites across the state of Nevada. Our panelists represent a rich tapestry of experiences and backgrounds, including affordable housing, workforce development, economic development, renewable energy, and facility development. They hail from municipalities, nonprofits, Tribal governments, and the private sector, offering a comprehensive view of the impacts of brownfields programs on Nevada.

Panelists will share their success stories, challenges faced, and invaluable lessons learned while implementing Brownfields programs. Participants will gain practical insights into how these initiatives have positively impacted their respective communities, unlocking new opportunities for growth, sustainability, and improved quality of life. This session promises to be a dynamic and collaborative forum, fostering meaningful discussions between attendees and the expert panelists.

HOT TOPICS: Real-Life Brownfields Success Stories in Nevada Communities
SPEAKERS: Philip Childers, Converse Consultants; Leonard Farr, Stantec; Eileen Christensen, BEC, Environmental, Inc.

Join us for this engaging session, where we will delve into the most compelling and impactful brownfields projects that have benefited communities throughout the State of Nevada. This session is brought to you by our esteemed workshop sponsors: Converse Consultants, Stantec, and BEC Environmental, Inc., each contributing their unique expertise and experiences in supporting the development of affordable housing and renewable energy projects. Representatives from these leading firms take the stage to share their real-life experiences, challenges, and triumphs while implementing brownfields programs that have made a positive difference in the communities they serve. The projects featured in this session are shining examples of how environmental remediation, renewable energy integration, and community engagement converge to create a brighter, more sustainable future. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how brownfields programs can be adapted and tailored to address unique challenges and opportunities in different regions of the state.

Attendees of the “HOT TOPICS” session will leave with a deeper appreciation for the power of brownfields programs to drive meaningful change in Nevada communities. Be inspired by the transformative potential of revitalizing underutilized spaces into thriving hubs of affordable housing and renewable energy, all while fostering strong community engagement and collaboration.


Eileen Christensen, C.E.M.

Founder and Principal | BEC Environmental, Inc.



Brenda Gilbert

Program Manager | BEC Environmental, Inc.




Philip S. Childers

Principal Consultant | Converse Consultants Reno Office




Kurt Goebel

Senior Vice President | Converse Consultants




Leonard Farr

Principal Geologist | Stantec





Amy Barnes

Director of Business Development | Northern Nevada Development Authority



Arnold Knightly

Public Information Officer | Nye County




Beth Dunning

Director of Community Development | Nevada Rural Housing



Bryan McArdle

Revitalization Manager | City of Reno




Frederick Steinmann

Director | University of Nevada, Reno College of Business University Center for Economic Development


Gus Wegren

Community Programs Director | USDA Rural Development




Heidi Lusby-Angvick

Co-Director | Nevada 95-80 Regional Development Authority Executive Director | Pershing County Economic Development Authority

John Warpeha

Environmental Scientist | Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, Gardnerville, NV



Michelle Hammond Allen

Economic Development Officer | Humboldt County & City of Winnemucca


Sean Robertson

Redevelopment Project Manager | City of Henderson Community Development and Services Department


Tammi Odegard

Chief Operating Officer | NyE Communities Coalition (NyECC)




Tanya Anderson

Nevada Project Manager | The Nature Conservancy




Tracy Reich

Redevelopment Manager | City of Las Vegas Economic and Urban Development Department



Sheryl Gonzales

Senior Brownfields Consultant | CCLR




Ignacio Dayrit

Lead Program Consultant | CCLR





Ruben Ramos-Avina

NV Brownfields Program Coordinator | NDEP




Lisa Hanusiak

Brownfields Project Manager | U.S. EPA Region 9 Brownfields




Jasmine Williams

Life Scientist | U.S. EPA Region 9 Brownfields




Thank you to our Sponsors!

  • Converse Consultants
  • Stantec
  • UES
  • Broadbent, Inc.
  • BEC Environmental, Inc.
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