The Center for Creative Land Recycling helps those who have the biggest stake in revitalizing their neighborhoods —including nonprofit housing developers, community-based organizations, and municipalities with limited resources— with their brownfield redevelopment efforts. While the obstacles to creating livable and vibrant communities involve complex economic and social issues that cannot be quickly or easily remedied, CCLR's approach to revitalizing communities is unique in that it includes both project-specific and policy level programs, each informing the other for change.



CCLR’s interactive workshops provide project managers and stakeholders with the tools, techniques, and resources required for remediating and redeveloping environmentally distressed properties.


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Technical Assistance

CCLR provides technical assistance to redevelopment projects, acting as a trusted advisor, facilitator, and project manager focusing on the environmental components of brownfield redevelopment.


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CCLR promotes progressive reform of state and local land use and development policies that help level the playing field between brownfields and greenfields.



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