2017 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide

The 2017 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide is a compendium of the financial and technical assistance resources available from federal agencies for brownfields and land revitalization projects. It also includes information about assistance available through federal tax incentives and encourages communities to explore state tax credits, loans, loan guarantees, and other incentives. This 2017 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide updates the 2015 edition. There are a few significant changes to programs listed in the previous version of the guide, and a few programs are added or eliminated.

Guide to Brownfields in New Jersey

This guide has just been updated for 2014. Reflecting legal changes such as the need for Licensed Site Remediation Professionals, this guide provides case studies, links to contacts and resources, and a helpful overview for understanding the redevelopment process. This is an invaluable guide for municipalities or community developers.

The Georgia Brownfields Program

This booklet outlines the eligibility requirements, tax incentives, and application processes for the state of Georgia's current brownfield redevelopment programs. It also provides relevant contact information and other resources pertinent to the application process for participation in the state's programs.