Land Recycling 101

Everything you need to know about land recycling.

What is land recycling? How does it help? What resources are available? Get these answers and more by exploring our Land Recycling 101 feature. We'll introduce you to the concepts, policies, and strategies to help you turn barren infill sites into functional, sustainable, and beautiful streetscapes that can reenergize any community. It's about transformation. It's about rebirth. It's about time.
1. Definitions

Get started by learning the key definitions you will need along the way.


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2. Objectives

Our objective is more than just reusing land. It's also helping communities.


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3. Benefits of Land Recycling

Imagine recycling 15 million acres of potentially contaminated land in the US.


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4. Challenges

Land recycling is a process, and our projects face a few challenges along the way.


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5. How CCLR Can Help

CCLR meets land recycling challenges head on with training, technical assistance, and grants.


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6. Remediating Brownfields

Cleanup and redevelopment is not linear process. Six key components decide a project's path.


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