Ariel Sharon Park - Israel

Project Description

The site of Israel's largest landfill, Hiriya, is in the process of a large-scale green remediation plan that will transform the 16 million cubic meters of waste into a 30 hectare recycling park. Leachates from the landfill will be cleaned in a constructed wetland and used to irrigate the park; biogas will be transformed into energy; and aggregates from the onsite construction will be used for slope stabilization. Over 60 wells have already been drilled at the site to collect methane and produce environmentally friendly electricity. The park, now under construction thanks to the Baracha Foundation, will eventually incorporate a biological waste treatment plant, a garden waste recycling system, a battery collection facility, a tire recycling facility, a biogas fueling station, and a facility for the treatment and recycling of construction materials.

Project Details

Location :
Tel Aviv, Israel
Developer :
Landscape Architect: Latz+Partner