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CCLR is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that intelligent, innovative land use is the key to ensuring a healthy future for both our communities and our environment. Our mission is to enable communities to develop sustainably and equitably through land recycling-restoring underutilized, blighted sites to productive use. Infill development and land recycling allow for the preservation of open space and natural resources, lessen dependency on cars and fossil fuels, and reduce the carbon footprint of development. Because abandoned properties often lie within economically-distressed areas, land recycling can also catalyze critical economic investment, creating jobs, affordable housing, and other amenities in historically under-served communities.


Through training and technical assistance CCLR offers communities tools they need to turn blighted properties into opportunities for growth and development. To ensure the most productive outcomes for our projects, we lead policy efforts at all levels of government to remove the obstacles to sustainable development, and to increase available funding and resources. CCLR engages stakeholders from all sectors in creative partnerships that promote collaboration and innovation in sustainable development.


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